Get ahead in your first-year chemistry courses with interactive PASS study sessions.

Held weekly, the voluntary small-group sessions offer the chance to socialise, ask questions and seek insights from your peers.

The sessions are run by PASS Leaders, who will have previously obtained a high mark for the course they are tutoring.

In your later years you can apply to be a PASS Leader.

Sign up for PASS

We offer PASS for the following courses:

  • Semester 1: BIOL1007, CHEM1090, CHEM1100, CHEM1200
  • Semester 2: CHEM1100, CHEM1200, CHEM1221, CHEM1222
  • Summer semester: CHEM1200.

Log in UQ.Learn (requires UQ login) to sign up for PASS. You’ll find session locations and timetables in the PASS folder of each chemistry course. For BIOL1007, contact the course coordinator.

You can attend as many tutorials each week as you wish, and we recommend you attend PASS for the full semester to get the most out of the program.

How PASS works

PASS Leaders are trained to guide you through the process of studying at university level.

They will have recently completed the course they’re tutoring and received a grade of 6 or 7 for it, so will be familiar with common issues.

As they’re not tutors or lecturers, they won’t teach you. Instead, they'll build discussion around your questions and encourage you to arrive at your own conclusions and develop your study skills.

To get the most out of your sessions, we recommend you come prepared to work hard, and to take charge of your studies – if you’re not enjoying an activity or would like leaders to change the session focus, let them know.

Apply to be a PASS Leader

We welcome applications from students who:

  • have recently completed the course, or an equivalent, for which they're applying
  • have achieved a grade 6 or 7 for the relevant course
  • have regularly attended PASS as a student
  • are willing to attend a day of training during Orientation of the semester for which they're applying.

Applications for 2018 PASS Leaders have closed. We will advertise applications for 2019 positions in the coming months.

Contact us

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