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Dr Kirsty Short wins UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award

Can the nervous system be altered to cope better with immune response neuroinflammation caused by the flu virus?

Koala link to how viruses alter our DNA

The Paul Young lab is looking to marsupial retrovirus to provide answers.

Prof Bostjan Kobe awarded ARC Laureate Fellowship

Worth $2.8M and one of only 16 awarded nationally, of which 6 came to UQ and 4 to the Faculty of Science.

Thawing permafrost causes greenhouse gas spiral

Australian Centre for Ecogenomics researchers published in Nature for work on how high latitude microbiome can help predict rate of CO2 emissions.

Sea slug chemistry defies guises

PhD student, Anne Winters, co-supervised by Prof Mary Garson, achieves discovery first.

Best tutors from 2nd sem 2017 recognised

Our top-performing tutors get a pat on the back with a certificate of achievement and a gift.

Congratulations to Bostjan Kobe

Professor Kobe has been named as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

New research to target gut DNA linked to multiple health disorders

SCMB postdoc David Wood awarded Advance Queensland fellowship to work with Microba Pty Ltd on gut microbiome.

UQ students to showcase food waste solution to global investors

Master of Biotechnology students in running for global prize with their recycling idea.

Bird flu study to probe genetic immunity of species

Dr Kirsty Short wins a national young innovation award to help research into bird flu resistance.

Problems with herbicide-resistant weeds become crystal clear

Assoc Prof Luke Guddat's lab discovers how safe herbicide works to inform future products.

SCMB alumnus remembered

Dr Joe Baker became Director of the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Qld Chief Scientist.

Anti-threat technology to counter improvised threats

Paul Burn and Paul Shaw of COPE awarded Grand Challenge funding to work with Defence Department.

SCMB team rewarded for teaching and learning excellence

National recognition for innovation and flexibility in curricula, learning and teaching.

COPE leader wins global award

Prof Paul Burn only Australian amongst five fellowship recipients.

SCMB a major player in UQ's NHMRC grant success

School participates in 11 projects worth $8.3M and leads six. Luke Guddatt leads two projects.

Living on thin air – microbe mystery solved

ACE part of team that makes discovery that could change how extraterrestrial life is searched for. Published in Nature.

Who won a Dopey?

Staff Excellence Awards 2017and top tutors for first semester 2017

SCMB researchers to get under croc’s skin

Virologists from Hall and Khromykh groups to play part in improving crocodile complexions for export market.

Nanopatch polio vaccine delivers

Breakthrough provides next step in consigning polio to history, says Prof Paul Young, part of WHO funded team.

ACE researchers increase known genomes by 10%!

Advances in technology allow team to make discovery and be published in Nature Microbiology.

Gwen Lawrie wins RACI Chemistry Education medal

Assoc Prof Lawrie recognised as one of the foremost chemistry education researchers in Australia.

UK institute works with Paul Young's lab on vaccine

Pig virus could be as problematic as Hendra, Zika or Ebola - $3.83M grant.

Jack Clegg leads research challenging crystals thinking

Work published in Nature Chemistry opens door for use of flexible crystals in applications in industry and technology.

UQ scientist’s work recognised in prestigious journal edition

Dr Elizabeth Krenske saluted in a Young Investigator tribute edition of JACS.

SCMB Future Science Fellow part of big CSIRO platform

Dr Karen Weynberg of Prof Mark Schembri's lab to use synthetic biology to control biofilms.

Hugenholtz on plant microbiome - nature vs nurture

Study of microbial communities necessary for plant development could improve crop and plant yields.

Molecular pathways discovery a step forward for biomedicine

Research by Prof Bostjan Kobe's team opens door for new disease therapies

Enzyme approach to killing drug-resistant fungal infection

PhD student Jessica Critty of the James Fraser lab co-authors new approach.

MICR3003 students advance medical research

Prac classes do genuine research and find compounds that inhibit TB bacteria.

Start-up company stars in national competition

The potential of Microbia, born of the Aust Centre for Ecogenomics, recognised.

Two new ARC Future Fellows

Professor Gene Tyson and Dr Christian Rinke, both of the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, awarded.

Recognition for teaching quality

Assoc Profs Gwen Lawrie and Susan Rowland recongnised for quality teaching commitment.

Breakthrough will help understand Zika virus

Prof Alex Khromykh part of team to synthetically recreate virus that causes foetal brain defects.

Fundamentals drive UQ’s new science Fellows

Prof Phil Hugenholtz becomes a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Mary Garson in study discovering sealife smells by touch

Team isolated aromatic, insoluble compounds from marine organisms, which use touch-smell for protection.

Hugenholtz group in study tracking photosynthesis evolution

Could shed light on everything from sustainable energy sources to the potential for life to exist on other planets.

International award recognises advances against infectious diseases by SCMB alumnus

Peter Myler, Biochemistry graduate, wins BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award

Top tutors from second semester 2016 honoured

Our best tutors from second semester last year have been honoured and rewarded at a School ceremony.

Effective economical treatment for Ebola

SCMB's Professor Alex Khromykh co-leader of international research team funded by Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre.

Complex bacterium writes new evolutionary story

SCMB research team, let by Professor John Fuerst, makes remarkable evolutionary finding in bacterium.

SCMB skin researcher appointed to national role

Joe Rothnagel appointed president of Aust Soc of Dermatological Research

Bacterium named after John Fuerst

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology, John Fuerst, has a new bacterial genus named after him for his scientific contributions.

Dengue fever diagnostics boon

SCMB's Prof Paul Young and others from UQ teamed with Indonesian collaborators.

SCMB team rewarded for teaching and learning excellence

First Year Chemistry Teaching Team collects 2016 UQ T&L Award.

SCMB microbiologist's world first research result

Dr Brian Forde's mapping of genome of superbug bacteria wil aid patients.

Insight into scientific glassblowing at UQ

This microblog tells you a little about the glassblowing workshop located in SCMB.

SCMB researcher recognised with University of Sydney award

SCMB chemist Jack Clegg wins achievement award from alma mater.

Guest speakers at graduation celebration share their stories

The recent Graduation Celebration Afternoon Tea celebrated the achievements of our SCMB students who were graduating this semester.

SCMB equipment funding will enable cutting-edge research

Scientific facility upgrades will assist research with medical applications.

International accolade for SCMB biomaterials chemist

Lisbeth Grøndahl elected as new Fellow of Biomaterials Science & Engineering

SCMB ACE professor recognised for contributions to microbiology

Gene Tyson to receive coveted international award for distinguished work.

PhD student wins prestigious international award

Qianqian Lin wins for his presentation on next-generation optoelectronics at MRS's USA meeting.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership will target childhood lung disease

Ultra-sensitive test to help diagnose one of the most common causes of childhood lung infections

SCMB researcher a new ARC Laureate Fellow

COPE leader's prestigous fellowship funds research that will likely change the way we live.

State Government funds UQ research to improve explosives detection

Making people safer from explosive devices

Promising new method inhibits TB-causing bacteria

new way to inhibit the growth of the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB)

Australia's only lab dedicated to TB microbiology marks World Tuberculosis Day

Dr Nick West's team uses modern genomic technologies to gain a better understanding of how bacteria cause TB.

SCMB researcher lands Early Career Researchers Grant

Dr Marina Fortes wins UQ grant to work on project impacting on men's health, livestock production and species conservation.

SCMB Women in Science

Profiling SCMB Women in Science for International Women's Day.

SCMB researchers focus on global health problems in NHMRC fund

Researchers will tackle international health issues with funding from the latest NHMRC round.

SCMB success in latest ARC grants round

School staff share in research grants valued at more than $4.5 million.

Saying 'yes' to opportunities shapes career path for UQ biotech alumnus

When Louisa Parkinson embarked on her Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) studies at The University of Queensland...

New methane organisms discovered

ACE researchers discover new microorganisms that play unknown role in greenhouse gas emissions and consumption.

SCMB scientists close in on first dengue treatment

Clinical trials for a dengue fever treatment could start within a year, following a finding that would allow the re-purposing of existing drugs.

Jack Clegg receives Young Tall Poppy Science Award

SCMB's Dr Jack Clegg is one of the outstanding young researchers who has won the Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award this year.

Prestigious national research award to Leigh Ward

SCMB's Dr Leigh Ward recognised by the ATSE for commercialised technolgy for bioelectrical impedance analysis which has medical applications.

Student placement opportunities for industry

Our Student Industry Placement & Internship Program offers industry the opportunity to host some of Queensland’s brightest young scientific minds.

Philip Hugenholtz awarded ARC Laureate Fellowship

SCMB’s Professor Philip Hugenholtz has been awarded an ARC Laureate Fellowship in the 2015 round.

SCMB labs greenest in the hood

Chemistry labs win prizemoney in UQ's 'Shut Your Sash' competition.

New sensor design reveals path to innovative imaging technologies

UQ researchers are a step closer to designing a seamlessly-integrated and more affordable image sensor that would recognise colours much like the human eye does.

Best tutors from second semester 2014 honoured

UQ's top performing tutors in Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences for second semester 2014 have...

Research uncovers basis for cadmium toxicity

Researchers have uncovered how the metal cadmium, which is accumulating in the food chain, causes toxicity in living cells.

Killer epidemic is invading Koala DNA

Paul Young's lab has been studying how a retrovirus inserts itself into the genome of Australia's iconic marsupial.

Staff member's story helps celebrate diversity in science

Prof Mary Garson, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, is featured as one of the Society's 175 Faces of Chemistry.

Susan Rowland receives national teaching award

Honoured at the 2014 Australian Awards for University Teaching for teaching excellence in biological sciences, health and related studies.

Early career staffer wins UQ teaching award

Dr Jack Wang is one of four UQ staff to win a 2014 UQ Teaching and Learning Award.

Winning molecular image design captures deadly “beauty” of a toxic protein

Inspired by a Shakespearean tragedy, student’s paradoxical molecular image wins design contest.

Summer project benefits student and biotech company

Student's industry placement work informs presentations to company's customers.

What's cooking Lego got to do with Chemistry?

ARC Future Fellow, Dr Jack Clegg, awarded UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award.

Third annual industry breakfast hears inspiring tale of rainforest remedies

Guests hear about the Qld company that teamed with SCMB to develop anti-cancer treatments from the rainforest.

Safe strep throat vaccine closer to reality

Scientists move closer to a safe vaccine against strep throat, a killer of more than 500,000 of us annually.

Student Contest: Molecular Image Design

If you can see the beauty of protein structures, show us your analytical, technical and creative skills.

Infectious diseases research given NHMRC gong

SCMB researchers win award for top-ranked NHMRC Development Grant.

Top performing students honoured

A record number of winners at the annual SCMB Student Awards Evening.

Evolving superbug could cause infection tsunami

Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre tracks strain that is close to total anitbiotic resistance.

Best tutors win awards

UQ's top performing tutors in Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences for second semester 2013 have...

Death receptors and bacterial diarrhoea

Professor Elizabeth Hartland presented the 2014 Skerman Lecture on 9 April.

Microbe may fuel future global warming

Our scientists have discovered an important methane-producing microbe in northern Sweden's permafrost.

School researchers win major NHMRC research grants

SCMB researchers and collaborators win more than $22 million for important disease research.

SCMB Teacher Named for National Excellence

Dr Gwen Lawrie is among the nation's most outstanding university teachers for 2013.

Zinc starves lethal bacteria

Our researchers and their colleagues have found that zinc can prevent the uptake of an essential metal by a deadly microbe.

Top Tutors Touted

UQ's top performing tutors in Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences have been recognised.

Global award for UQ woman scientist

Professor Mary Garson is the first Australian to receive a ‘Distinguished Woman in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering' award.

Congratulations to our graduates

Graduands and their families joined academic staff at a morning tea to celebrate graduations.

Industry and community partners attend inspiring breakfast

Industry partners joined colleagues from the School to hear the story of alumna Dr Roslyn Brandon.

Titration aspirations

More than 220 students attended UQ to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Titration Competition.

Student academic excellence

Students and graduates who achieved outstanding results were honoured at our Awards Evening.

"Natural morphine" offers hope to patients with untreatable pain

Compounds found in the human body are offering new hope to patients with untreatable chronic pain.

Science students are brewing knowledge

The School has begun a beer brewing research project for third-year chemical engineering and science students.

Recognition for Exceptional Tutors

UQ's top performing tutors in Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences have been recognised.

Welcome to new Honours Students

Students began their research careers with their first day of Honours in Science.

Breakthrough for safer food

Foods will be able to be screened for bacteria faster and more effectively, thanks to breakthrough nanobiotechnology research.

Molecular design contest winner embraces mentoring program

Announcement of winner of 2013 student molecular design competition with promotion of Molecular Biotechnology Club and its mentoring scheme

Graduation Celebration December 2012

The School held a special function for its graduands in the Student Union Complex at UQ's St Lucia Campus on 17 December 2012.

Eighth Research Students Symposium a Success

Organised by students, these symposia provide a great opportunity for networking and support.

Textbook fills the gap in biochemistry learning

Developed by Justin Ridge and Simon Worrall with a collaborator from USyd, this book targets health students.

Tutor Awards

Our top tutors for first semester 2012 have been recognised.

2012 Bertram Dillon Steele Lecture

You are invited to attend the 2012 Dillon Steele Lecture, which will take place on 27 September.

Open Day 2012

On Sunday 5 August, UQ welcomed visitors to its St Lucia campus.

Understanding microbiomes may reduce fertiliser reliance

Philip Hugenholtz and colleagues have gained the front page of international journal Nature.

New Support for Excellent Teaching at SCMB

Science undergraduate education is among UQ projects funded this week by the Federal Government.

2012 TGH Jones Memorial Lecture

Huw Davies (Emory University) is set to present at this important event. Students, graduates and staff are welcome.

New portable tool detects dengue infected mosquitoes in the field

Researchers our School have developed a new portable tool to detect dengue virus-infected mosquitoes.

New approach to 'spell checking' gene sequences

A PhD student from CSIRO and SCMB has found a better way to itentify missing or added letters in DNA.

Partnership with industry to secure research support

Phil Hugenholtz will research microbial communities in livestock digestive systems.

Accolade for Paul Burn

An SCMB professor who has inspired international interest has been named among Australia's top scientists.

New strain blamed for whooping cough epidemic

Professor Mark Walker comments on new research into whooping cough.

Congratulations to Tutors

UQ's top performing tutors in Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences have been recognised.

New Partnership in Infectious Diseases Research

The Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre, within the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences, has entered into a new partnership.

Workforce shortage leads to new bioinformatics master's program

In response to a world shortage of qualified graduates, UQ has started offering a postgraduate degree in bioinformatics.

Censoring influenza research

SCMB's Professor Ross Barnard argues that gagging scientists could put lives at risk.

Top chemistry honour to Queensland pioneer

Professor Mary Garson was awarded the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's prestigious Leighton Memorial Medal.

Celebrate Graduations!

The School held a special function for its graduands at UQ's St Lucia Campus on 7 December 2011.

Virus Watch

Lucas Goh, a 2008 Biotechnology graduate, is helping protect Australia.

Alumni Reunion 1975-1984

Honours graduates and staff from this period attended a special celebration on 1 December.

Seventh Annual Research Students Symposium a Success

This year's Research Students Symposium has been hailed as one of the most successful to date.

Australian Research Council funding 2011

SCMB has achieved strongly in the Australian Research Council grant rounds announced October 2011

NHMRC funding success

The School has been successful in securing significant funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Tutoring Excellence in 2011

SCMB's top performing tutors for first semester 2011 have been recognised for their efforts.

Graduate of the Year

Ernest Tee, Biotechnology graduate, has been named a UQ Graduate of the Year 2011

Congratulations to our Bursary Winners!

Master of Biotechnology (Advanced) students Lynnmaria Nazareth and Lorraine Gunnion have been awarded bursaries to support their studies.

Annual Skerman Lecture 2011

Professor Victor Nizet, of the University of California San Diego, delivered the 2011 Skerman Lecture.

Open Day 2011

On Sunday 7 August, The University of Queensland welcomed visitors to its St Lucia campus.

Dingo poo spreading deadly parasites to humans

SCMB's Peter O'Donoghue comments about the "horrific" effect of microscopic parasites spread from wild dogs to humans.

Not so simple: Gulping bugs with the nuclear option

Professor John Fuerst from our School conducts microbiological research which could turn our picture of how life evolved on its head.

Biotechnology student's curiosity led to job offer

Arvey Oliveros undertook an industry project with a biopharmaceutical manufacturing company in Brisbane and was offered contract employment upon graduation.

Experience with multinational food manufacturer primes student for faster employment

Undertaking a placement with Mars Petcare in Wodonga, Victoria gave Maany Ramanan the chance to better realise her ambition to work in business development in a pharmaceutical or food production company.

High-schoolers get competitive about chemistry

More than 240 students from 24 high schools attended UQ to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Titration Competition.

Student’s internship leads to job offer and a vision to connect science with business

Ann Damien’s industry internship saw her use a widely-implemented product innovation model to help a multinational company improve its communication of idea-to-launch processes.

Reframing the Food Security Debate

The controversy over genetically modified crops is not about the use of technologies to ensure food sufficiency, argues SCMB's Professor Ross Barnard.

A Rewarding Evening

Twenty outstanding SCMB students and graduates were honoured at the annual Awards Evening.

Science helps promote equity

SCMB's Associate Professor Stephen Barker was a nominee for the 2011 ...

Global Stamp Competition

Students who are interested in designing their own International Year of Chemistry stamps can participate in the Global Stamp Competition.

Top researchers honoured at first Q-Index Awards

Researchers at the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences have been honoured as leaders in their fields at the Q-Index Awards.

The bugs bite back

Stephen Barker has told the ABC that head lice are affecting Australian children more than ever.

Susan Rowland Receives International Travel Award

Dr Rowland is one of five exceptional educators to receive a 2011 travel award from the American Society for Microbiology.

UQ academics get the chemistry right

Professor Paul Burn has launched a new web portal, Chemistry@UQ, for information on study, research, facilities and contacts in chemistry.

Waging war on infectious diseases

A new line of defence has been established against global health problems and infectious diseases.

Excellence in Tutoring at SCMB

SCMB's top performing tutors for second semester 2010 have been recognised for their efforts.

It's Magic and It's Science

Fire and ice, smoke and explosions galore - watch as our scientists excite and entertain you in this spectacular show!

International Women's Day Tribute to Professor Mary Garson

The Everyday Women, Extraordinary Lives gallery features SCMB's Professor Garson, the first appointed female Professor in chemistry in Queensland.

Chemistry:- It's All About You

Watch how chemistry provides us all with water, food, clothing, health care, housing, transport, communication and education.

Teaching skills under the microscope

Science teachers have undertaken SCMB's practical training in microbiology techniques.

Virtual Tour

Get an idea of what it's like to study or work at UQ's School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

SCMB represented at Paris launch of the International Year of Chemistry

Professor Mary Garson from the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences took part in the official launch of the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

International Year of Chemistry

The University of Queensland is taking part in the International Year of Chemistry 2011, a worldwide celebration of the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the well-being of humankind. Under the unifying theme “Chemistry—our life, our future,” IYC 2011 will offer a range of interactive, entertaining, and educational activities for all ages. IYC 2011 is intended to reach around the globe, with opportunities for public participation at the local, regional, and national level. It is an initiative of UNESCO and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists.

National Head Lice Awareness Day

SCMB's Associate Professor Steve Barker is an international expert on the evolution, control, biology and genetics of head lice, and has been studying lice for 25 years.

Exceptional result for SCMB research

The University of Queensland's research in Biotechnology, Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences was ranked well above world standard in the Excellence in Research for Australia survey.

SCMB flood impact

It's largely business as usual for the School, which re-opened in full on 20 January.

Global Science

More than 5000 female chemists from 44 countries shared breakfast to mark the International Year of Chemistry.

National and International Recognition for Biotechnology Programs

The University of Queensland's biotechology programs have been recognised by Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the U. S. Council of Graduate Schools.

Graduation Celebration 2010

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences held a special function for its graduands in the Al...

Reunion for Honours Graduates 1965-1974

Photos from the special reunion held on 23 November 2010 at the UQ Art Museum

SCMB turns out Graduate of the Year

Bachelor of Science (Hons) graduate Karl Davy has been named UQ's 2...

UQ plays host to titration finalists

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences has once again played host to high-schoolers participating in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's annual Titration Competition.

2010 TGH Jones Memorial Lecture

Professor Les Dutton delivered the 2010 TGH Jones Memorial Lecture on 3 December 2010. Approximately 90 staff, students and friends of the School of Chemist...

Emeritus Professor Lindsay Sly receives International Award

Emeritus Professor Lindsay Sly is the recipient of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) Me...

Work Experience at SCMB

In October this year SCMB hosted four work experience students from the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) through our

Primary school children visit SCMB

Year seven students from Durack State School visited SCMB research laboratories on 9 September. While at SCM...

Nobel Laureate delivers Structural Biology lecture at UQ

Nobel prize winner, Professor Johann Deisenhofer, has told a UQ audience...

Three Minute Thesis 2010

Five SCMB research higher degree students competed in the school round of the 2010 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition..

Recognition of Outstanding Tutors 2010

 SCMB's top performing tutors for first semester 2010 have been recognised for their efforts. The tutors achieved a score of 4.8 or better (out of 5.0) on the overall performance question of student evaluation surveys, along wih a score...

Biochemistry Alumni Lecture 2010

Professor Christopher Dobson, of the University of Cambridge, delivered the annual Biochemistry Alumni Lecture on 30 August, speaking about breakthroughs that are bringing us closer to understanding the cause of neurodegenerative diseases

Open Day 2010

On Sunday 1 August, The University of Queensland welcomed visitors to its St Lucia campus. Hundreds of prospective students and their families took the opportunity to find out more about studying within the School of Chemistry & Molecula...

Occupational Health and Safety Excellence

The Kappler group was presented with “Safe Science” shirts in August by Greg Browne, Building & Facilities Manager, in recognition of their outstanding OH&S record.

Teaching and Learning Excellence is rewarded

Congratulations to members of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences who have recently received commendations for their work in Teaching and Learning. Drs Gwen Lawrie, Susan Rowland and Jack Wang have been awarded Faculty of Scien...

SCMB Hosts Major Policy Announcement

The Chemistry Podium was the venue for the Prime Minister’s announcement of the Federal Government’s climate change policy this morning.

2010 Chemistry Titration Competition

More than 280 students from 33 high schools attended UQ in May to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Titration Competition for 2010.

Sustainability in nature becomes art at an atomic level

UQ scientists have earned their place alongside artists in a new exhibition that promotes sustainability through creative practice.

UQ Graduate Supports Current and Future Students

In a generous gesture, Emeritus Professor John de Jersey, AM, and his wife Jan have made a benefaction to UQ.

Honours students share lunch and experiences

SCMB's Honours students enjoyed a free BBQ together on Thursday 20 May 2010 on the Chemistry Podium at St Lucia. T...

Students honoured at School Awards Evening

Twelve SCMB students and graduates who acheived outstanding results in 2009 were honoured at the School's Student Awards Evening on 27 April 2010.

International grant funds green solution to air pollution

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences's Dr Ulrike Kappler is investigating a way to replace expensive chemical controls with bacteria in the fight against sulfur compund pollution in the air.

Support for SCMB student's research into Alzheimer's Disease

PhD student Crystal Higgs has received an Australian Rotary Health Scholarship to support her research into Alzheimer's Disease

2010 Bertram Dillon Steele Lecture

Professor Chris Abell, of the University of Cambridge, has delivered the 2010 Dillon Steele Lecture on the theme of chemical biology.

A lasting legacy

A University of Queensland postgraduate student award that comes as the direct result of an occasional glass of beer or wine, a barbecue, a back deck and a good chin wag between neighbours has been awarded for the first time.

Biotechnology at the Beach

Undergraduate biotechnology students spent an educational and fun weekend at the UQ Mo...

Outstanding tutors rewarded

SCMB's top performing tutors for second semester 2009 have been recognised for their efforts. Twelve tutors received a certificate of achievement and a movie ticket voucher at a morning tea hosted by Head of School, Professor Alastair McEwan...

2010 Skerman Lecture

Professor Paul Rainey of Massey University, New Zealand, delivered the 2010 Skerman Lecture.

Teachers enhance microbiology skills

A group of high school science teachers have enhanced their professional development through practical training in microbiology techniques provided by the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences.

Biotechnology learning goes global

Dhwani Patel is UQ’s first Bachelor of Biotechnology student to complete part of her degree overseas on a student exchange.

New Grant Supports Solar Research

Researchers from UQ's Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics have been awarded $945,000 funding from the Australian Solar Institute. For details,

Professor Lindsay Sly Retires

After over forty years in microbiology at The University of Queensland, Professor Lindsay Sly retired in January 2010. Current and past students and staff from the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences farewelle...

Retirement marked by prestigious award

Associate Professor Trevor Appleton, who recently retired from the School and a part-time position in the Faculty of Science, has been made a Distigui...

School Newsletter December 2009 published

Check out significant happenings in the School in the second half of 2009.

SCMB Celebrates Graduations

Students from the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences were among nearly 800 people to graduate from the Faculty of Science in December 2009.

SCMB Researchers make front page news

The research has implications for maintaining colour quality and brightness on large-area flat panel displays and lighting applications.

Award-winning teachers and program

Three of the School's staff have been honoured at the 2009 UQ Awards for Excellence in Teaching & Learning. Associate Professor Lawrie Gahan received an Award for Teaching Excellence.  Professor Ross Barnard and ...

Competitive Grant Round and Fellowship Success 2009

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) has achieved strongly in the ARC and NHMRC research grant rounds announced October 200...

Deputy Head receives recognition for advancement of women in science

Professor Mary Garson has been recognised for her contribution to supporting and encouraging other women i...

Microbiology Workshop for Science Teachers

A group of high school science teachers have enhanced their professional development through practical training in microbiology techniques provided by the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences.

SCMB Fifth Annual Research Students Symposium success

The fifth annual SCMB Research Students Symposium held November 2009 has been hailed...

Award for distinguished chemist

SCMB's Professor Istvan Toth is the recipient of the 2009 Adrien Albert award for sustained, outstanding research in a field related to biomolecular chemistry. The pre...

PhD students explain their work in 3 minutes

Eleven SCMB research higher degree students competed in the SCMB round of the 2009 UQ Three Minute Thesis Competition, with one student going on to win second place in th...

SMMS Podium Projects to get underway

The much-anticipated SMMS Podium Project will get underway on Monday 30th April. The podium outside of the 3rd floor School office in the Chemistry building will be transformed over a period of 6 months, to include a fully enclosed space for use by ...

Solar Cell Funding Boost

Researchers from the Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics within SCMB have received almost $2 million from the Queensland Government to lead an international allianc...

Open Day 2009 display draws crowds

Hundreds of prospective students, their parents, friends and members of the public visited the School of Chemistry & Molecular Sciences' display as part of the 2009 UQ Open Day St Lucia.  There were plenty of hands-on activities and in...

Landmark software deal benefits genetics undergraduates

Coordinator of SCMB's second year Genetics course, Dr James Fraser, has negotiated a deal that will see students access leading bi...

Teaching Excellence at SCMB

Prof Lawrie Gahan of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences had been rewarded with an Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for outstanding contributions to student learning.

2009 Chemistry Titration Competition

More than 260 students from 30 high schools attended UQ in May to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Titration Competition for 2009. Acid-base titration is a method in chemistry that allows quantitative analysis of the ...

Gates Foundation grant for mosquito disease research

Professor Paul Young has received a US$100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop an altruistic vaccine for mosquito transmitted pathogens. The Foundation's Grand Challenges in Global Health grants foster creative pr...

School Newsletter May 2009 published

Catch up on the news for the first few months of 2009 in the latest edition of the SCMB newsletter.  Download the PDF by clicking on the link directly above.

Bloody anomaly in 'Nature' and GEN podcast

Congratulations to Dr Renfu Shao and colleauges, including Assoc Prof Steve Barker, on being published in the 2 April 2009 edition of the leading science journal, Nature. The 'Research Highlights' section of the issue...

Students honoured at Undergraduate Awards Evening

Thirteen students recently received prizes ranging from cash to books to membership of professional associations at the SCMB Awards Ceremony for Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate Studies 2008. 

ALTC grant win means deeper learning for first year students

Assoc Prof Lawrie Gahan and Dr Gwen Lawrie are winners of an Australian Learning & Teaching Council competitive grant for their project ‘IS-IT learning?  Online Interdisciplinary Scenario-Inquiry Tasks for active learning in large, fi...

Bancroft-Mackerras Medal for Excellence awarded to Assoc. Prof. Tom Cribb

The Bancroft-Mackerras Medal for Excellence is awarded by the Australian Society of Parasitologists and recognises outstanding contributions of its members to the Science of Parasitology. It is based particularly on work published over the last 5 ye...

Scholarships success for RHD students

Research Higher Degree students who commenced in the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences in 2008 and 2009 have won more scholarships and living stipends than those of any other School or Institute in the University. Around...

T.G.H. Jones lecture 2007

The TGH Jones Lecture is being held on Monday 19th November at 4:00pm in 50-T105 and will be delivered by Dr Richard Jefferson, Director of the CAMBIA BiOS Initiative based in Canberra. CAMBIA is an independent, international non-profit institute,...

New UQ research finding about the bane of parents' lives - head lice

Head lice are a challenge for parents of primary-school aged children all around the world, including Australia. read more on the UQ News page...

2008 'School in Review' newsletter published...

Late in 2008 the School Executive Committee requested that a newsletter summarising the School’s highlights for 2008 be produced.   Download PDF file by clicking on link above.

The real cost of university research, featuring Chemistry at UQ

When ABC television's 7:30 Report did a story on the funding shortfall in publicly-administered research in Australia, they featured the work of SCMB Federation Fellow, Professor Paul Burn, and the newly-opened Centre for Organic Photonics ...

2008 Trailblazer Awards

A team of SMMS staff and students is the winner in the Open category of the 2008 Trailblazer Awards presented by UQ's commercialisation arm, UniQuest. Dr Joanne Blanchfield, Professor Paul Burn and PhD student Melissa Foster received $7,500 ...

Assoc. Prof. James De Voss has "hot paper" in the Journal of Chemical Communications

James De Voss’ paper has appeared as a “hot paper’ in the Journal of Chemical Communications. Disrupting sexual signalling in the Queensland fruit fly, the most destructive horticultural pest in Australia, could save farmers milli...

Assoc. Prof. Paul Young presents seminars in Malaysia

Associate Professor Paul Young from SMMS has just returned from a seminar tour of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia promoting a new diagnostic assay for dengue patients that for the first time allows specific diagnosis on the day of patient presenta...

Dr Craig Williams receives Pathfinder Grant

Dr Craig Williams’ Synthesis and Testing of MorphPlus project has recently been successful in attracting funding from the Pathfinder proof-of-concept grant program. The funding has been approved for synthesis of the MorphPlus molecule and test...

Prof. Mike Jennings wins 2008 UQ Award for Excellence

Professor Michael Jennings is the winner of a 2008 UQ Award for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision. Professor Jennings’s research centres on bacterial pathogens such as Neisseria meningitides that causes meningitis and se...

SMMS 4th Annual RHD symposium success

The 4th Annual SMMS Postgraduate Symposium held on Tuesday 25 November in Women’s College was a great success. A full day of talks and poster sessions was rounded off with a fascinating talk from Professor Mark von Iztstein, Director of the In...

Symposium ignites grass roots Chemistry

Finding ground-upwards solutions to the likes of climate change and energy was the focus when a group of chemists from The University of Queensland (UQ) and National University of Singapore (NUS) converged for a two-day symposium held 15-16 December...

2008 TGH Jones Memorial Lecture

Descendants of TGH Jones attended the 2008 public lecture given by Professor Margaret Sheil.   Pictured ...

The Hon. Kevin Rudd and The Hon. Stephen Smith visit SMMS

The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Leader of the Opposition, and the Hon Stephen Smith, Shadow Education Minister, today visited an SMMS teaching laboratory for a major policy announcement on science and maths course HECS fees. Mr Rudd’s Press Release was d...

UQ Open Day 2008

UQ Open Day 2008 saw hundreds of prospective students and members of the public tour the SMMS displays and activities in the modern first year Chemistry laboratories. more news...

2008 RACI Titration competition finals

Fifteen high school teams competed 18 October in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s Titration Competition Queensland finals. Pictured in one of SMMS’s undergraduate Chemistry labs is the winning team from Beenleigh State High Sch...

Competitive Grant Rounds Success

SMMS achieved a success rate of 27% in the October 2008 ARC Discovery Projects round, compared to a UQ average of 25%, a Faculty of BACS average of 21%, and a national average of 20%. An application for an ARC Linkage grant was also successful. Th...

Assoc. Prof. Paul Young awarded 2008 David White Excellence in Teaching Award

A/Professor Paul Young, Head of the Molecular Virology Unit in SMMS has been awarded the 2008 David White Excellence in Teaching Award. This award is given by the Australian Society for Microbiology in recognition of excellence in the teaching of, a...

Prof. Margaret Sheil, CEO ARC speaks at TGH Jones lecture

Professor Margaret Sheil, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Research Council will speak on the topic of "A new ERA for the ARC and the National Innovation System" at the annual TGH Jones memorial lecture on 6 October 2008.  ...

2008 RACI Titration competition

Around 230 high school students attended UQ to participate in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute's Titration Competition for 2008. Acid-base titration is a method in chemistry that allows quantitative analysis of the concentration of an unknown...

SMMS researchers make giant leap forward in West Nile vaccine research

SMMS researchers have made a giant leap forward in the race to develop a vaccine for the potentially debilitating West Nile virus. read more...

SMMS Awards Evening 2008 - huge success

The SMMS Awards Evening celebrating Outstanding Achievement in Undergraduate studies in 2007 was held this year in the James and Emelia Mayne Centre amongst the artwork of the University Art Museum. Please follow the link (below left) for more info...

Dr Amanda Mabbett awarded Smart State Fellowship

Dr Mabbett was awarded a Smart State Fellowship which includes a $150,000 grant for a three year project. Dr Mabbett’s project will research new ways to tackle the antibiotic resistant Staphylococcus aureus (or Golden Staph). This bacteria is ...

Dr Gary Schenk receives UQ Research Excellence Award

SMMS researcher, Dr Gary Schenk was recently honoured with a UQ Research Excellence award. At the awards ceremony UQ Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), Professor David Siddle explained how "The University understands that excellence in research...

Smart Women-Smart State Award awarded to Prof. Linda Blackall

At the recent "Smart Women-Smart State Awards", SMMS Professor Linda Blackall won the Women in the Community/Public Sector - Science Prize. Prof. Blackall's research on wastewater management will maximise Australia’s ability to contr...

SMMS Awards Evening 2007

The annual SMMS Awards evening were held on Thursday 26th April, 2007 at the University Art Museum, the Mayne Centre. This was an opportunity for all staff and students to acknowledge the hard work that awardees in the discipline areas of biochemi...

Dr Mark Schembri receives UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award

Dr Schembri, one of eight UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award winners, has been honoured for his work in isolation of several strains of good bacteria which can prevent Urinary tract infections.

RHD candidate Elena Virtue awarded 2006 Ausbiotech award

Elena Virtue, Research Higher Degree candidate with the School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences was awarded the 2006 Ausbiotech Queensland Student's Awards for Excellence for her research project presentation on “Rapid Diagnosis of Known ...
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