Top tutors honoured

16 Apr 2019

UQ's best performing tutors in Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences for second and summer semesters 2018 have been recognised for their efforts.

Each semester, the School assesses tutors based on student evaluations and staff feedback.

Tutors in the top ~10% achieved a total of 9.79 or better (out of 10.00) on a score that combined the average score from student evaluation surveys with an averaged score for a series of evaluation questions answered by staff.  The student scores are weighted more heavily.

Eighteen tutors received a certificate of acheivement and a $50 gift voucher, while those able to attend enjoyed a lunch hosted by  Head of School, Professor Paul Young, on 16 April.

They tutored across courses in a range of disciplines and year levels.

Professor Young emphasised the important role tutors play in the School.

"Tutors are at the frontline of our teaching effort and are vital to enhancing the learning experience of our students" he said.

"We thank you for your efforts and are pleased to recognise your success by holding this celebration".

A number of the tutors were congratulated for also having received awards in previous semesters or across more than one course.

The School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences tutor awards ceremony takes place each semester.