We value our partners in industry, government and schools and believe we can work together to create change through our game-changing graduates and future leaders.

Your support helps prepare our students for their careers through training and improved academic experiences such as work-integrated learning, undergraduate research and international study.

Philanthropic scholarships, bursaries and other gifts help us to attract and support the brightest students, whatever their social or financial background.

They also help us to recruit world-leading teachers who share their insights with students, and to provide innovative technologies and equipment to support learning and discovery.

Every year we invite donors to an awards ceremony to meet students whose UQ experience has been enhanced by philanthropy.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available to profile an organisation’s gift publicly.

  • A $30,000 gift will support a PhD student for one year.
  • An annual $5,000 gift helps an aspiring Science student who may be facing financial challenges.
  • $1,000 or a gift of any size will contribute to the support of students’ excellence, assisting them to:
    • attend national or international research conferences;
    • undertake short-term research projects; or
    • meet their living costs whilst studying

100 percent of your donation goes towards the area you choose to support and gifts of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

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For more information about philanthropic opportunities, email the Faculty of Science Director of Advancement, at sci.advancement@uq.edu.au.