Our links with industry, government, academic institutions and wider society enable us to deliver demonstrated impacts across a range of settings.

Joint research and development

Australian Research Council Linkage programs

An ARC Linkage Grant is an effective way to leverage your research dollar, giving you access to University expertise to meet your organisation’s research and development challenges. 

You can collaborate with our researchers to apply for a grant that, together with a contribution from your organisation, provides the critical mass to get research underway. 

We will coordinate the paperwork. The ARC works with industry partners to create agreements covering any statutory requirements.

Industry/Government research contracts

You can work with us to establish agreements to undertake research and development.

Find out more

Visit our people pages to find an expert in your area of interest.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to consider a direct partnership with us, email our Science Contracts team at sciencecontracts@uq.edu.au to discuss your idea.

Email Mark Starkey, our School Manager, at scmb.schoolmanager@uq.edu.au, for general enquiries.

Commercialisation services

Joint research and development can often lead to innovations with commercial potential. 

We have a strong record of commercialisation success and have access to University innovation and commercial development specialists through the UQ Research Partnerships Office.

The Office works with two commercialisation companies to achieve innovation and impact through partnering, licensing and startups:

  • UniQuest: specialises in global technology transfer and facilitates access for all business sectors to UQ’s expertise, intellectual property and facilities
  • JKTech Pty Ltd: assists mine sites to achieve future production targets through advisory services and training across the value chain. 

Commercialisation success

See our commercialisation success stories.

Consultancy and testing

We provide professional opinion and expertise, as well as laboratory-based testing services.

To find a School expert, visit our people pages.

Alternatively, visit our scientific facilities and techniques pages.

    Student industry placements and internships

    Our Student Industry Placement & Internship Program offers you the chance to host a high-quality student as part of their studies or in their vacation time.

    Students get valuable practical experience as industry interns and gain credit towards their degree, and your organisation benefits from help with research and development activities.

    Our student interns often get job offers from their host organisations before they graduate.

    Guest lectures

    Industry partners, particularly School adjunct staff, are invited to join our course coordinators to deliver one-off curriculum-relevant lectures.

    Guest lectures inspire students and give them insight into the application of their learning in a business setting.

    We usually pay guest lecturers for their service.

    Contact Associate Professor Joanne Blanchfield, our Teaching & Learning Committee Chair, to discuss your idea for a guest lecture.

    Student and graduate jobs advertising

    Sign up to UQ CareerHub to advertise your employment, internship or volunteer opportunity to UQ students and graduates.

    Casual demonstrators and tutors

    Every semester we employ part-time, casual demonstrators and tutors to teach a range of courses.

    We welcome applications from research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, honours and postgraduate students, and applicants who have previously taught in their field at a significant level who want to return to the workforce.

    Apply to be a casual demonstrator


    Make a gift to our School through philanthropic scholarships, bursaries and other gifts to help us attract and support the brightest students, whatever their social or financial background.