We're passionate about inspiring the next generation of chemistry and molecular biosciences experts, and enjoy close relationships with primary and high schools, and the wider community.

School activities and events

RACI Titration Competition

RACI holds annual regional Titration Competitions, culminating in national finals. 

The competition aims to inspire Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are interested in chemistry and to acknowledge those who are becoming proficient.

We have hosted regional Queensland competitions for more than 30 years. 

Experience Science

Run by the UQ Faculty of Science, Experience Science gives Year 10, 11 and 12 students insight into what it's like to study science at UQ, and how science is applied in industry and everyday life.

Participants attend lectures and hands-on workshops.

UQ Young Scholars Program

UQ Young Scholars helps exceptional Year 11 students transition to university through extension and enrichment activities. 

It includes a residential camp at UQ St Lucia and access to an online community. A chemistry and/or molecular biosciences workshop is included in the camp activities.

CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools

The CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program creates and nurtures long-term partnerships between teachers and scientists.

UQ Open Days and campus visits

UQ Open Days

UQ Open Days offer a taste of the UQ experience, and our activities and information sessions provide insight into what it's like to study in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences.

We're heavily involved in UQ Open Days, and invite high school students and teachers, and parents accompanying children, to join our activities.

Find out more about UQ Open Days .

Campus visits

UQ's doors are open year-round to visitors from schools, as well as individuals and families.

You can take an hour-long guided tour or download the UQ Walking Tour app and explore the campus at your own pace.

Find out more about UQ campus tours.

Resources for teachers, students and parents

Find resources and tips on the UQ Faculty of Science's outreach web pages.

Work experience

We don't usually offer work experience placements for school students, particularly in working research laboratories.

However, if a student can find a staff member willing to host them and develop a program of activities, we'll consider a placement.

Contact us for more information.