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Presenter: Professor Edward Holmes, University of Sydney

About Chemistry alumni reunion

Chemistry Honours and Research Higher Degree alumni joined with former staff of the Chemistry Department and current staff of the School to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment of the Chemistry Building.

The April 2015 event marked the end of a floor-by-floor refurbishment of the 11 storey building that commenced in 2003.

President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Andrew Holmes, officiated at the celebration, in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Hoj and the Provost, Professor Max Lu.

Around 120 guests enjoyed hearing anecdotes from retired Head of Department, Associate Professor John Cotton, inspecting historical photographs and documents, and taking tours of parts of the building.

Alumni enjoyed catching up with each other over an informal lunch.

To view photos of the event, visit the our facebook gallery.

Videos featuring the speeches that were made at the start of the celebration by SCMB Head of School Professor Paul Young, Professor Holmes, and Associate Professor Cotton, can be viewed from the following links:

Chemistry Building Celebration speeches

Comments from attending alumni

  • "We greatly enjoyed the day and wish the School all the best."
  • "We had a wonderful, enjoyable Saturday at the renovated Chemistry building.  The company, alumni, food, reminiscences and laboratory tours were great.
  • "Please pass my congratulations to the organisers for a memorable day.  It was interesting to hear the news about the building and to see some of the facilities.  I also met some fellow graduates whom I had not seen for many long years and we remembered the 'good old days'."  
Associate Professor Gwen Lawrie shows a tour group through the new Advanced Teaching Laboratory, designed for interdisciplinary practical work using the latest technology.
Alumni inspect historical displays, including class photos, file records of departmental meetings, and images of buidling construction and social gatherings.
L to R: Head of School, Professor Paul Young; Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Hoj; President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Andy Holmes; Provost, Professor Max Lu.
Professor Andy Holmes addresses the audience to mark the completion of the Chemistry Building refurbishment 2003-2015.


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