Researcher biography

I studied Engineering in France (Ecole Centrale Paris) before joining UQ to complete a Master of Biotechnology during which I worked on biomaterials for bone repair. I completed my PhD at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology under the supervision of Prof Justin Cooper-White and A/Prof Lisbeth Grondahl. During my PhD I developed new polyrotaxane hydrogels for use in stem cell based tissue engineering. I joined the Rheology, Tribology and Biointerfaces group under Prof Jason Stokes supervision in May 2015 as a postdoc to create biomimetic surfaces with low friction properties that can be used in biomedical or food science applications. I also work on industry related projects that aim at finding ways to link the sensory perception of foods with their physical properties. I have a strong interest in combining engineering, chemistry and biological sciences in order to develop new materials for biomedical applications.