Primary research interest

Integration and evaluation of undergraduate research experiences, and assessment/feedback practices in large undergraduate microbiology courses

About me

I completed my undergraduate studies at UQ in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, completing a dual degree in Science and Information Technology in 2006. I then continued on to do my PhD in 2007 at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience, UQ, studying the interface between molecular bioscience and microbiology in a host-pathogen-interaction context. Following the completion of my doctoral studies in early 2010, I worked as a Research Officer at the Institute of Molecular Bioscience before relocating to the School of Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences in a teaching-focused appointment in July 2010.  I am currently a Lecturer in Microbiology at UQ, serving as the UQ Microbiology major convenor.

Research focus and collaborations 

My past research focused on understanding key host biological processes exploited by pathogens to infect and colonise mammalian cells. These experimental investigations revolved around direct visualization of biological processes using both fixed and time-lapse fluorescent microscopy as well as computational algorithms to process and analyse the data collected.  

I have applied my research background towards an interdisciplinary approach to Microbiology teaching, and my current educational research as a teaching-focused academic in Microbiology revolves around the integration of interactive inquiry-driven learning into large undergraduate courses, as well as the impact of novel education technologies on assessment and feedback.  This research aims to address the impact of blending online and face-to-face learning activities in large undergraduate courses, as well as improving the technological and communication competencies that serve as transferable skills for our graduates.

This research is carried out through multiple UQ collaborations and has been funded by the UQ Faculty of Science and the Office of Learning and Teaching.

Funded projects

  • Wang, J.T.H. - "MICR2000 - students as parters for production of digitla resources" - UQ Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning grant 2018 - $5,000
  • West, N., Wang, J.T.H. - "Developing and conducting high-throughput antimicrobial compound screening in MICR3003" - UQ Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Grant 2017- $42,000
  • Wang, J.T.H. - "vMarks: on-the-go video feedback for assessment in large courses" - UQ Early Career Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant 2015 - $15,000.
  • Wang, J.T.H. - "Authentic large-scale assessment of practical laboratory competencies in Microbiology" - UQ Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Grant 2013 - $12,000.
  • Wang, J.T.H., Hall, R.A., Schembri, M.A., Fuerst, J.A., Tyson, G.W., Hugenholtz, P. "Scaffolding Undergraduate Research Experiences across Second and Third Level Microbiology courses" - UQ Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Grant 2012 - $40,000. 
  • Wang, J.T.H., Schembri, M.A., Fuerst, J.A. "Developing Undergraduate Research Experiences in Microbiology" - UQ Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Grant 2011 - $21,250. 
  • Rowland, S.R., Lawrie, G., Zimbardi, K., Myatt, P., Wang, J.T.H. "Developing and resourcing academics to help students conduct and communicate undergraduate research on a large scale" - Office of Learning and Teaching 2012 - $219,000.

Teaching interests

  • BIOL1020 - Genes, Cells, and Evolution
  • MEDI7011 - Medical Science 1
  • MICR2000 - Microbiology and Immunology (course coordinator)
  • MICR3001 - Microbes and Human Health
  • MICR3003 - Molecular Microbiology
  • BIOC6006 - Directed Studies in Molecular Genetics (course coordinator)
  • SCIE2020 - CSI UQ

Achievements and awards 

  • Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA) - 2018
  • Australian Awards for University Teaching - Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning 2015
  • UQ Award for Teaching Excellence 2014
  • UQ Microbiology Major Convenor
  • The Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) Vice President of Communications
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australia (HERDSA) member
  • UQ Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence Award winner 2013
  • UQ Medal winner (Biochemistry) 2006

Featured publications