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    • Michael Balfour
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    • Luke Baker
    • Nanna Albeak (visiting)
    • Carsten Jessen (visiting)
    • Rebecca Pouwer
    • Michael Gallen
    • Annette Chen
    • Charlotte Madsen (visiting)
    • Paul Malek Mirzayans
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    • Wilhelm Eger
    • Rebecca Grange
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    • Stefan Wiedemann
    • Ralf Heim
    • Rob Lang
    • David Tilly
    • Achim Porzelle
    • Heiko Schill
    • Michael Gallen
    • Brett Schwartz

Our research focus concentrates on two areas: 

  1. Investigating strategies towards the total synthesis of complex natural products which contain caged bicyclic moieties within the carbon skeleton, these include the vibsanin family, diterpene alkaloids and tetranortriterpenes.
  2. Design, discovery and synthesis of novel biologically active molecules as lead candidates for the development of new medicines (e.g. anticancer and Alzheimers).


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