Associate Professor Mikael Boden Bioinformatics (analysis, modelling and integration of biological data)

Professor Bernard Carroll Molecular genetics of gene expression and development

Professor James De Voss Biological and synthetic chemistry

Associate Professor Vito Ferro Organic Chemistry - Glycoscience, drug discovery and biotechnology

Professor James Fraser Sex virulence and evolution in pathogenic fungi

Associate Professor Ulrike Kappler Microbial physiology and biochemistry of metalloenzymes

Associate Professor Stuart Kellie Signalling molecules in macrophages and tumour cells

Associate Professor Ross McGeary Synthesis, methodology, and medicinal chemistry

Professor Peter O'Donoghue Clinical protozoology

Dr Avril Robertson Drug discovery (Inflammation, cancer, pathogenic fungi), medicinal chemistry

Professor Mark Schembri Bacterial Pathogenesis

Professor Gary Schenk Physical Chemistry - Structure, function, mechanism and pharmaceutical potential of metalloenzymes

Associate Professor Katryn Stacey Cellular response to foreign nucleic acids

Associate Professor Nick West Tuberculosis microbiology

Dr Karen Weynberg Engineering phages to control bacteria biofilms

Professor Craig Williams Organic Chemistry - Synthesis and isolation of complex natural products, method development, medicinal and physical organic chemistry

Professor Paul Young Molecular virology