A person’s height and weight are not constant over time. Temporal fluctuations are thought to reflect sensitivity to environmental conditions but are poorly understood.  In this work I was curious to examine the question of ‘how and why do phenotypes vary over time?’. Using repeated observations from over 50,000 adults I estimate the genetic influence on within-person variability for traits such as height and weight; and study the relationships between longitudinal trait change and outcomes including musculoskeletal disease and all-cause mortality. 


Dr Kathryn Kemper is a mid-career quantitative geneticist with a research background in the area of statistical genomics as applied to humans and livestock species.  She has broad research interests with past projects including parameter estimation using different experimental designs, the development of Bayesian approaches for genomic prediction, multi-trait and multi-population genomic predictions and population genetics. She is the author of 49 publications in academic journals. 


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