Title: En-Light-ening C-H functionalization.  

Speaker: Prof. Debabrata Maiti - Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India

Abstract: Over years’ transition metal-catalyzed C-H activation has propelled the field of organic synthesis for the construction of structurally complex and diverse molecules in resource-economical fashion. In this context, non-directed C-H activation has gained unprecedented attention for attaining region-specific C-H functionalizations in a step-economic mode. Unlike traditional Fujiwara-Moritani reaction, this approach relies on ligand assistance and thus uses arene as the limiting reagent. However, all existing non-directed C-H functionalizations utilize high thermal energy to induce the functional group which eventually put the regioselectivity at stake. In addition, use of super stoichiometric costly silver salts to regenerate the catalyst produces unwanted metal waste. In aid of developing a more sustainable and environmentally benign approach, we have established a photoredox catalytic system by a merger of palladium/organo-photocatalyst(PC) which forges highly regeiospecific C-H olefination of diverse arenes and heteroarenes. Visible light nullifies the requirement of silver salts and thermal energy in executing “region-resolved” Fujiwara-Moritani reaction. 

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