Dr Michaela Blyton, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SCMB
Koala Retrovirus: Recent advances in understanding this epidemic.

Mikaela Bell, Ph.D. student, Hobson-Peters, SCMB
A recombinant alphavirus platform based on the Australian insect specific Yada Yada virus.

James Potter, Ph.D. student, Hobson-Peters, SCMB
Development and characterisation of insect-specific nidoviruses as a platform for producing novel vaccine and diagnostic antigens.

About Research theme seminar series

Our research theme seminars feature expert speakers that cover a wide-range of topics.

Our speakers include visiting national and international academics and students completing their PhDs.  They cover diverse topics across our research themes:

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Students and staff with an interest in the research theme are welcome to attend:

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  • postdoctoral staff 
  • research staff.

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