Title: Structural and Mechanistic Insights into Nutrient Transport at the Blood Brain Barrier

Speaker: Dr Rosemary Cater, IMB

Bio: Rosemary Cater fulfilled her PhD at the University of Sydney from 2013-2017 under the supervision of Prof Renae Ryan. Here she used electrophysiology and X-ray protein crystallography to understand how glutamate transporters serve a secondary function as chloride channels. From 2017-2023, Dr Cater worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the laboratory of Prof Filippo Mancia at Columbia University in New York City. Here she used single-protein cryo-electron microscopy and antigen-binding technology to determine structures of small membrane proteins. In January 2024, Dr Cater was recently recruited to UQ's IMB as a Senior Research Fellow and Group Leader, where she currently holds an ARC DECRA fellowship. Her lab uses membrane protein biochemistry, cryo-EM, and biophysics to understand some of the brain's most elusive yet important proteins. The overarching goal of the Cater lab is to understand molecular mechanisms of transport at the blood-brain barrier.

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