Our Student Advisory Groups facilitate communication between our students and staff.

The Coursework Students Advisory Group and Research Students Advisory Group provide representation for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, and honours and higher degree by research students respectively.

The groups enable:

  • the School to consult and advise you on policy developments and changes
  • you to raise concerns and make suggestions about the School's operation as it affects you.


Our School Advisory Groups hold meetings at least twice a semester, typically in weeks 3 or 4 and 10, and arrange other meetings as needed.

Students provide Group Chairs to ensure the smooth running of meetings and a Student Secretary to help assemble agenda items and check minutes drafts.

Formal sessions are often followed by informal get-togethers. Meetings typically occur over lunchtime; food is supplied.

Representatives will email you ahead of each meeting inviting you to raise issues. 

Coursework Students Advisory Group members and minutes


Ten (or more by agreement) student representatives (from key compulsory courses of each year of the BSc/BAdvSc, and from the BBiotech and postgraduate Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics suites)

Program/Year Course Name Email  
BSc/BAdvSc(Hons) 1 BIOL1020 and CHEM1100, intending to enrol in CHEM1200 in 2nd

Mr Alexander Dunstan

Miss Julia Buczynski



BSc/BAdvSc(Hons) 2 – Chemistry majors CHEM2050 Mr Marley Chia m.chia@uq.net.au
BSc/BAdvSc(Hons) 2 – Molecular Biosciences majors BIOC2000, intending to enrol in BIOL2202 in 2nd

Miss Zoe Garson

Miss Elizaveta Plakhotnik



BSc/BAdvSc(Hons) 3 – Chemistry majors All CHEM3 courses Ms Laura Coe laura.coe@uq.net.au
BSc/BAdvSc(Hons) 3 – Molecular Biosciences majors All SCMB-owned 3rd level non-CHEM courses

Mr Wilston Tait



BBiotech(Hons) 1 n/a Ms Jessamine O’Carroll


BBiotech(Hons) 2/3 n/a Miss Susanna Huang susanna.huang@uq.net.au
PG Biotech suite n/a Ms Nahain Binte Aziz nahianbinte.aziz@uq.net.au
PG MolBiol and Bioinf suites n/a Ms Varsha Kommajosyula v.kommajosyula@uq.net.au  

Staff representatives

Head of School/Nominee Nominee Dr Simon Worall
Chair, Teaching & Learning Committee Dr Joanne Blanchfield
Secretary Dr Denise Adams (Alternate Ms Lucy Holyoak)


2019 minutes

2018 minutes

Archived minutes

Email Mark Starkey, our School Manager, at scmb.schoolmanager@uq.edu.au for archived minutes.

Research Students Advisory Group members and minutes


Two student representatives from the Honours programs of the School and a number of MPhil and PhD students of the School (representing a range of disciplines)

Program/Group Name Location Email
HDR (Toth Group) Miss Armira Azuar 68-11 amira.azuar@uq.net.au
HDR (West Group) Miss Chiara Carnevali 76-1 c.carnevali@uq.edu.au
HDR (Ferro Group) Mr Mohit Chhabra 68-10 m.chhabra@uq.edu.au
HDR (Gillam Group) Miss Stephlina D'Cunha 76-4 s.dcunha@uq.edu.au
Honours (Grondahl Group) Miss Nathalie Farah 68-8 n.farah@uq.edu.au
HDR (Toth Group) Mr Mohammed Faruck 68-11 m.faruck@uq.edu.au
Honours (Rothnagel Group) Mr Akbor Hossain UQ Diamantina Institute a.hossain@uq.edu.au
HDR (Upton Group) Miss Jiayue (Clara) Jiang 76-4 j.jiang@uq.edu.au
HDR (McGeary Group) Miss Julia Kurz 68-6 j.kurz@uq.edu.au
HDR (Burn Group) Ms Vaidehi Pandit 68-9 v.pandit@uq.edu.auu
HDR (Guddat Group) Ms Khushboo Patel 76-3 kushboo.patel@uq.net.au
HDR (Lawrie Group) Miss Paris Renzella 68-4 p.renzella@uq.edu.au
HDR (Toth Group)) Miss Lili Zhao 68-11 lili.zhao@uq.edu.au
HDR (Guddat Group) Ms Shan (Snow) Zheng 76-3 shan.zheng@uq.edu.au

Staff representatives

Head of School/Nominee Head of School, Professor Paul Young
Postgraduate Coordinator Professor Luke Guddat
Early Career Researcher representative Dr Paul Evans
Secretary Ms Tess Dobinson


2019 minutes

2018 minutes

Archived minutes

Email Mark Starkey, our School Manager, at scmb.schoolmanager@uq.edu.au for archived minutes.


Nominations for student representatives are called early in each academic year for:

  • undergraduate programs, from those enrolled in a key compulsory course from one of the majors administered by the School in each year of the BSc/BAdvSc and BBiotech (Hons) programs
  • postgraduate coursework programs, from those enrolled in the programs administered by the School
  • honours, from those enrolled in honours programs in the School
  • postgraduate research programs, from those enrolled as candidates in the School.

If more than one person is nominated for a position, nominees will be asked to write a statement on their suitability for the role, and a successful candidate will be chosen by a panel comprising the Head of School, Secretary to group meetings and, as relevant, the Teaching & Learning Committee Chair, Research Higher Degree Studies Committee Chair and Director, Biotechnology Programs. 

We strive for a balance of genders and international/domestic students in our student representative membership.

Existing group members who are eligible to continue to serve from one year to the next will be invited to remain as members so that groups comprise a mix of experienced and new members. In these cases, we won't call nominations until a vacancy arises.