Title: The interplay of myeloid cells and autoreactive T lymphocytes activated by gut-derived bacteria in spondyloarthropathy

Speaker: Dr Anne-Sophie Bergot, Frazer Institute

Bio: Dr Anne-Sophie Bergot is an immunologist focusing on Immune Regulation & Microbiome at University of Queensland Frazer Institute, TRI, Brisbane. After receiving her PhD in France, Dr Anne-Sophie Bergot debuted in Australia in 2011 to better understand immune regulation in HPV-associated cancer and in type 1 diabetes. In 2017, she was awarded the Jian Zhou Research Excellence Award. She then continued her journey working on autoimmune arthritis, mentored by Prof. Ranjeny Thomas, supported by Arthritis Australia. Her interest focused on deciphering the crosstalk between the gut microbiome and the innate and adaptive immune system and how these interactions lead to the development of autoimmune arthritis.

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