Dr. Cadhla Firth is an evolutionary and molecular biologist who has been working on emerging infectious diseases since 2006. She is currently a Senior Research Scientist and Program Coordinator at EcoHeath Alliance, a non-profit research organization based out of New York City, and holds an adjunct position at the Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine at James Cook University in Cairns. Dr Firth’s research focusses on the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of emerging zoonoses at the human-animal interface, with a focus on rapidly changing environments. She takes a multi-disciplinary approach to this work that includes evolutionary biology, molecular ecology, virology, pathogen genetics and genomics, field biology, and public health.

About School research seminars

Seminars cover all aspects of chemistry and molecular biosciences and are delivered by visiting national and international academics. PhD completion seminars are also incorporated into the program.

Seminars are usually held in person and via zoom. All are welcome to attend.