You don’t need to apply for our School prizes, as they are awarded on merit, but you must apply for our scholarships.

We notify prize winners by mail and hold an awards ceremony each May to recognise students who performed outstandingly in the previous year. 

SCMB Honours Scholarships

We offer discipline-specific honours scholarships to help you with living costs, so you can focus on science rather than worry about finances.

Our honours scholarships show future employers and grant agencies that you are competitive and have a drive to succeed.


You must nominate a supervisor and host laboratory located in our School’s Chemistry Building (Building 68) or Molecular Biosciences Building (Building 76) for enrolment in the BSc(Hons), BAdvSc(Hons) or BBiotech(Hons) programs.

The offer of scholarship is conditional on maintenance of your GPA above 6 in your last semester.

Selection is based on:

  • cumulative GPA
  • your vision for a career in chemistry, molecular bioscience or biotechnology research.


$2000. You can apply for larger amounts for projects with industry partners.

Application details and deadlines

To apply, complete our Honours scholarship application form (DOCX, 34.5 KB) and email it to us at

Closing dates

  • Semester 1, 2020 entry - 13 January 2020
  • Semester 2, 2020 entry - 13 July 2020

For more information, email us at

AISRF Chemistry Honours Scholarship

This scholarship is associated with an AISRF project, which aims to develop advanced organic materials (such as organic semiconductors) and devices. The project is at the frontier of the multidisciplinary field of organic-inorganic opto-electronics and has the potential for impact across a broad range of science and technology

Eligibility: domestic and international students who intend to commence full-time honours study with our School

Value: $5000

Find out more and apply for this scholarship (PDF, 111.2 KB)

UQ Summer and Winter Research Program scholarships

UQ offers scholarships to undergraduates and postgraduates through the UQ Summer Research Program and UQ Winter Research Program.

Find out more and apply

Bing and Ross Barnard Biotechnology Prize

Established in 2011 and maintained by an annual gift from Bing and Ross Barnard

Eligibility: Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) students

Criteria: highest GPA across BIOT6121/BIOT6122 (or equivalent) and RBUS6911 (or equivalent). If two or more students obtain the same GPA, the prize will be awarded to the student with the highest weighted percentage across BIOT6121/BIOT6122 (or equivalent) and RBUS6911 (or equivalent). If more than one student has the same highest weighted percentage, the prize will be shared

Value: $1000

Biochemistry Alumni Prize 3

Established in 1995 and maintained by donations from alumni of UQ's former Department of Biochemistry

Eligibility: Biochemistry students

Criteria: highest overall mark in Biochemistry honours

Value: $150

Chemistry Honours Research Prize

Established in 1999 by a bequest from the late Trevor John Beckmann

Eligibility: students who complete the BSc(Hons) program or the fourth year of the BAdvSc(Hons) in the field of chemistry in the year of the award

Criteria: a high level of achievement in the research component of the honours program and a demonstration of a high potential for independent research

Value: up to $500

John and Jan de Jersey Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Prize

Established in 2009 and maintained by an annual gift from John and Jan de Jersey

Eligibility: undergraduates

Criteria: highest marks in eight units in Level 3 courses administered by our School and undertaken in a pass degree that served as entry for qualification into a BSc(Hons) in biochemistry

Value: $1000

Microbiology Prize

Established in 2002, this award commemorates the work done by the academic staff appointed between 1949 and 1972 towards the development of a broadly-based Department of Microbiology, with the support of tutorial, research, technical and administrative staff and graduate students. Staff were: Emeritus Professor V. B. D. Skerman (general microbiology, taxonomy, microbial data), Professor W. J. Halliday (immunology), Emeritus Professor K. J. C. Back (microbial metabolism), Dr J. G. Atherton (virology), Dr H. W. Doelle (fermentation technology), Dr A. C. Hayward (phytobacteriology), Dr G. H. G. Davis (medical bacteriology), Dr D. S. Teakle (plant pathology) and Dr I. C. MacRae (applied and environmental microbiology)

Eligibility: students completing the BSc or third year in the BAdvSc(Hons) program in the field of microbiology

Criteria: highest overall mark for eight units from BIOL3003, MICR3001, MICR3002, MICR3003 and MICR3004

The recipient's entitlement to the prize is conditional on them successfully enrolling in the BSc(Hons) or in the fourth year in the BAdvSc(Hons) programs in microbiology in the following year

Value: up to $1000

Patheon Biotechnology Communication Prize

Established in 2017 and maintained by an annual gift from Patheon

Eligibility: students completing the BBiotech(Hons) program

Criteria: best combined marks in the research proposal seminar and the final seminar, which is part of the assessment in BIOT6121, BIOT6122 or BIOT6123

Value: $500

Wilmar Sugar Prize in Chemistry

Established in 1964 and maintained by an annual donation from Wilmar Sugar

Eligibility: students completing the BSc(Hons) or fourth year of the BAdvSc(Hons) in the field of chemistry

Criteria: highest standard in the program

Value: $500