Student laboratories

Our undergraduate laboratories provide for both bench experimentation (wet lab) and computer-assisted classroom learning (dry lab).

All our major teaching laboratories use modern audio-visual technology to support practical exams and experiments.

First-year laboratory

Our large first-year chemistry laboratory comprises five teaching pods, each of which has dry space for computers and report writing and wet lab areas for experimentation.

Students in each pod work with a tutor who uses information projected to a central screen to guide their learning.

Later-year laboratories

Our later-year laboratories house advanced instrumentation and equipment for chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology projects conducted at second and third level.

They also feature dry lab areas for computer-assisted learning and data analysis.

Advanced Interdisciplinary Teaching Laboratory

The Advanced Teaching Laboratory gives students the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary projects that span chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

These include undergraduate research experiences at different year levels, the second-year CSI UQ Forensics course, and postgraduate courses.

The modern workspace mimics a professional laboratory environment and is equipped with instrumentation that allows students to conduct advanced-level experiments and analysis.

Virtual tours

Take a virtual tour of our undergraduate laboratories.