UQ Glassblowing Services

UQ Glassblowing Services specialises in the fabrication and repair of a wide range of specialised and standard scientific glassware.

Based in our School and servicing clients across UQ and externally, our highly-qualified glassblowers have expertise with laboratory, chemical, scientific and custom-built glass apparatus.

They can provide advice and information about any special glassware requirements and assess and repair broken items.

Range of components

Our glassblowers can make a broad range of custom-built glass items to your specifications, including:

  • glass and Teflon stopcocks
  • interchangeable ground joints
  • flanges
  • glass sinters
  • screwthread joints, graded and glass-to-metal seals.

They also work with quartz and pure silica glasses if you require high-temperature or high-purity glassware.

Glassware examples

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  • Interchangeable glassware
  • Sintered glassware
  • Vacuum systems
  • Quartz work
  • Custom-built glassware

Price lists and contact

Price lists

To see our price lists, log in to our School intranet:

Contact us

Contact Mr Robin Berlyn, UQ Glassblowing Services Manager, for more information about our services, quotes and repairs.

Alternatively email the workshop at glassblowing@uq.edu.au.