Student spaces

Chemistry Podium

The Chemistry Podium is a casual, semi-open, covered terrace where students can study, relax or socialise.

It's located in the Chemistry Building (Building 68) and open from Monday to Friday, from 7.45am to 6pm.

Third-year undergraduates can also use the Podium after hours. If you're in third year and enrolled in three or more courses into which our School teaches, we'll contact you at the start of each semester to let you know how to organise after-hours access.

The Podium features power outlets for portable device use and charging, whiteboards, vending machines and a selection of pre-loved textbooks.

You can eat and drink in the space and rearrange the furniture if you need to but be considerate of others.

We also use the Podium for poster sessions, functions and information forums.

Study and social spaces


Undergraduates can access the Faculty of Science learning spaces, including the Science Learning Centre and Interactive Learning Centre.

Honours students are provided with write-up desk space where possible and can also access their supervisor's laboratory. 


Postgraduate coursework students have access to a limited number of lockers on Level 4 of the Chemistry Building.

Higher degree by research students are provided with write-up desk space and can access their supervisor's laboratory. 

Virtual tours

Take a virtual tour of our student spaces and laboratories.