The disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology aim to understand the chemical basis of life. They’re concerned with the synthesis, metabolism and catabolism of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. 

Biochemistry and molecular biology provide the theoretical and experimental foundation that underpins all modern biological science practice. This includes cell and developmental biology, molecular genetics and genomics, proteomics, structural biology, computational biology and biological chemistry. 

An understanding of biochemistry and molecular biology is a prerequisite for a career in medicine, pharmacology, medical research, agricultural research, toxicology and biosecurity.

Why choose UQ?

  • Our courses and curriculum are designed and delivered by internationally recognised practitioners in these disciplines. Your lecturers will help you understand key molecular processes that can go wrong in certain disease states and how insights into these processes can lead to the development of new therapies. Knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology can also be used to develop new traits in plants to make them disease-resistant or adaptable to climate change. 
  • We are ranked #29 in the world and #2 in Australia for biology and biochemistry in the 2023 NTU Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities.
  • Through practicals, structured tutorials and specialised seminars you’ll discover how biochemistry and molecular biology is relevant to research and development in medicine, the environment, agriculture, biotechnology, genetic engineering and drug design.