Biotechnology applies scientific and engineering principles to living organisms to produce products and services of value to society. It is used in processes ranging from brewing, wastewater management, crop improvement and biofuels to vaccines, drug design and gene therapy. The growing demand on resources from an increasing global population has created many career opportunities for experienced scientists in the biotechnology industry.

Our biotechnology programs examine the use of microorganisms, plants and animals for discovery, understanding, improvement and development of viable products or activities, and protection of the intellectual property associated with biotechnology inventions. The discipline combines elements from many areas, such as molecular genetics, microbiology, immunology, physics, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and business.

Why choose UQ?

  • UQ has links to local industry and is at the frontier of emerging research fields in biotechnology. 
  • We contribute to UQ's ranking of #7 in the world and #1 in Australia for biotechnology (2018 ARWU by Subject) and work closely with the UQ institutes. 
  • Several majors in the BBiotech(Hons) are accredited by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and our master's programs are recognised by the US Council of Graduate Schools as affiliated Professional Science Master's Programs.
  • There has been tremendous recent growth in the international biotechnology industry and allied services sector. Research and development managers are seeking savvy scientists with core technical skills and knowledge of commercial imperatives and current regulatory environments.