Chemistry involves analysing the structure and properties of molecules as well as mechanisms of chemical reactions. The principles of chemistry underpin disciplines such as biochemistry, biomedical science, engineering, food science, health and nutrition science, materials science, nanotechnology and pharmacy.

The Chemistry major gives you a strong foundation of chemistry knowledge and skills in your first two years of undergraduate study with the opportunity for specialisation in your third year. You can choose to combine the chemistry field with related areas such as biological chemistry and nanoscience. 

Why choose UQ?

  • You’ll be introduced to some of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding areas of research in the chemical sciences. You’ll be taught by interdisciplinary teams of UQ scientists who work collaboratively with counterparts around the world.
  • The Chemistry major and Chemical Sciences dual major are accredited by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.
  • A chemistry degree provides a breadth of knowledge and skills that enables a career in a wide range of professions or a focussed career in scientific research or industry.
  • A degree in chemistry from UQ sets you up for employment in diverse STEM roles such as chemist, materials scientist, environmental scientist, biochemist, toxicologist or forensic scientist. Positions beyond the laboratory include science journalist, science adviser, quality assurance manager, pharmaceutical sales representative, patent examiner and science teacher, as well as roles in finance, marketing or conservation.