Our dark room facility provides a dark environment for:

  • the manipulation and development of X-ray films 
  • imaging of gels and membranes using UV light or blue light excitation
  • the excision of bands or spots from gels used for the separation of RNA, DNA or protein.

Contact us

Contact Dr Steven Mason or Dr Vitaliya Sagulenko for more information and bookings.

Equipment and location


Our equipment and work spaces include:

  • automatic X-ray film developer
  • basic UV gel-documentation system with instant high-gloss thermal printout and a blue light transilluminator for SYBR stains: for viewing and imaging gels
  • work area and sink: for manipulation of films and manual development of films.

We don't provide films or cassettes.


Molecular Biosciences Building (Building 76), Room 412

Charges and considerations

Students and staff within our School can use the dark room.

It is free to use.

You'll need to undertake the relevant building and other inductions before using equipment.