Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) is a specialised type of flow cytometry.

Using a laser beam to interrogate the flow, the cytometer analyses the specific light scattering and fluorescent characteristics of individual cells.

Following the cytometry, a stream of cells breaks into droplets and is electrically charged.

A heterogeneous mixture of biological cells can be electrostatically deflected into containers (tubes or 96 well plate), one cell at a time, based on size and fluorescence.

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We specialise in microbial metagenomics, and can help with subsequent sequence-based analysis of microbial communities (16S profiling and 454 sequencing).

Visit the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics website for more information about profiling and sequencing.

Equipment and location


  • BD FACS AriaII: equipped with three lasers (UV-355nm, Blue-488nm, YG-561nm)
  • Accuri6 cytometer: equipped with two lasers: (Blue-488nm, Red-640nm)
  • CytoFLEX flow cytometer: equipped with three lasers (Violet-405nm, Blue-488nm, Yellow_Green-561nm)

Detectable fluorochromes

  • HOECHST, DAPI: 355nm; PACBLUE, mCherry: 405nm
  • SYBR, FITC, PE, EB, PERCP, EGFP: 488nm
  • mCherry, PI, PE, CY3, ALEXA, 7-AAD, RHODAMINE: 561nm

Find more information in our fluorochromes table (Word, 223kB).

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Charges and considerations


Consultation is free.


  • School users: $40 per hour
  • Non-School users: $64 per hour


  • School users: $15 per hour
  • Non-School users: $24 per hour


  • School users: $20 per hour
  • Non-School users: $36 per hour


Visit our Science Bookings system (requires UQ log-in) and select the equipment you want to use from the right-hand menu.

You can also select from the menu:

  • download instructions for FACS DIVA analysis software on remote desktop
  • links to CytExpert and CytoFLEX software downloads
  • Accuri user guide.


You'll need to undertake the relevant building and other inductions before using equipment.