Our molecular genetics and genomics research encompasses the application and analysis of targeted and high-throughput approaches to better understand all domains of life.

Vertebrates, plants, insects, microorganisms and microbial communities are subject to innovative methodologies to elucidate evolution, ecology and function at the genetic and regulatory levels.

Theme leader: Dr Cheong Xin (CX) Chan


Theme members

Research Fellow

  • Dr Rochelle Soo

    UQ Amplify Researcher
    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Professor David Ascher Biological data modelling

Professor Paul Burn Organic opto-electronics

Professor James Fraser Sex virulence and evolution in pathogenic fungi

Professor Elizabeth Gillam Biocatalysis and Molecular Toxicology

Professor Bostjan Kobe Structural biology of infection and immunity

Dr Marloes Nitert Dekker Metabolism and Microbiome in Pregnancy

Dr Mathew Jones Cancer Cell Biology and Genetics

Dr Christian Rinke Microbial Genomics

Professor Mark Schembri Bacterial Pathogenesis

Professor Katryn Stacey Cellular response to foreign nucleic acids

Associate Professor Jack Wang Integration and evaluation of undergraduate research experiences, and assessment/feedback practices in large undergraduate microbiology courses

Associate Professor Nick West Tuberculosis microbiology

Dr Simon Worrall Mechanisms of drug-induced liver damage

Professor Paul Young Molecular virology

Dr Lucia Zacchi Molecular and cellular biology