We offer a busy calendar of events, which are variously available to the public, our graduates, future and current students, and staff.

Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae and airway sialic acid: Role in colonization and infection

20 July 2005 5:30pm
Presenter: Prof Michael A. Apicella, University of Iowa

Fish Antifreeze Proteins and Glycoproteins

20 July 2004 6:00pm
Presenter: Assoc Prof Margaret Harding, School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney

Molecular Architecture - Natural Product Interactions with Protein Domains: The New Wave of Natural Product Research

20 July 2002 6:00pm
Presenter: Prof Ronald J Quinn, Director of Natural Product Discovery, Griffith University

Defences against colonisation of marine plants

20 July 2001 5:30pm
Presenter: Prof Staffan Kjelleberg, Scientia Professor, UNSW